Night Blossoms 

Spring comes and with it comes more beauty in the night that I’ve been used to on my midnight strolls through alleys on the way home. I never really thought about the way I feel deep fear every night. Every night I cross the road if I see someone strange approaching me. I regret the flash of skin that I have let happen when I dressed myself in the morning. But we take risks for beauty. I saw a tree on the way home, a lonely blossom in the night and it found me. It found me and I couldn’t help but stop my usually brisk walk. Some things capture us even when we are at our most hardened. We can be soft in our fear. We can soak in our world. We can slow down and take it all in.


Author: ticecin

Tice Cin is a writer and journalist based in London. She is currently working on her first novel – a story about growing up in Tottenham that explores the cultural boundaries affecting expression, the hybridity of identity, and the choices one makes. Tice’s work seeks to navigate liminal spaces in known history and explore the implications of defamiliarising fixed narratives. She blends sensuality and graphic detailing into work that explores wider themes, breaching the limits of reality in writing that has magical and surrealist elements. Tice completed her MA in English: Issues in Modern Culture at UCL, specialising in representations of the female body in avant-garde literature. She has an Instagram page where she shares her work as it progresses: @ticecinwrites

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