‘From the beginning, we just tried to be us and see what happened, our sound was never forced, it was already there.

Swedish Electronica band, Highly Sedated, are capturing the dance scene with their fresh and artful take on minimalist dance music — part of the new generation of electronic acts like Emancipator who are bridging the gap between EDM and the classic rock band.’

To read more about hidden gems on the electronic music scene check out my feature for the band Highly Sedated in FMS Magazine via the link below:



Author: ticecin

Tice Cin is a writer and creative producer from Tottenham, North London. Her work has been placed in publications such as Skin Deep Magazine and commissioned by St Paul’s Cathedral, Apples and Snakes, and the Barbican Centre. An awardee of The London Writers Awards literary fiction category, she is currently working on her first novel – a story set in Tottenham and Cyprus exploring generational trauma. Tice completed her MA in English: Issues in Modern Culture at UCL, specialising in representations of the female body in avant-garde literature. An alumnus of the poetry community Barbican Young Poets, she is currently putting together a collection of poetry. She has an Instagram page where she shares her work as it progresses: @ticecinwrites

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