Foals at Citadel: ‘a great headliner but a festival lacking identity’ | London Student

Had an unusual time at Citadel Festival this year and wrote about my time there in London Student. Another review to come soon. Follow the link below for more!


Alex Ohm Releases At First A Drop, Then A Flood EP | FMS

A throwback to my review of Alex Ohm’s stunning debut EP for FMS Magazine. A humble and talented man who’s passionate about achieving his musical dreams. He’s had a long career in music but this is his first solo outing!

Art Night | REVIEW | a melting-pot of art in extraordinary spaces – The Cusp Magazine

‘There was an energy felt amongst the crowds of people that evoked a dream-like sense of wandering in us all.’

Follow the link for my review of Art Night 2017 in The Cusp Magazine. A night of fluttering from exhibition to exhibition with a free spirit and an open mind.

Goan Dogs Review

You never know when you’re going to bump into an opportunity. Musicians are popping up everywhere and it’s a blessing living in London and being able to connect with all the artists floating over to the city, instruments in hand and ready to sing. I absolutely loved seeing Goan Dogs last month so sharing the review I wrote for their gig at The Lexington here:

African Revolutions 

Literary innovation in the aftermath of the Arab Spring is becoming increasingly fascinaring but terms like ‘post-Arab Spring sci-fi’ serve as glamorous marketing props, rather than meaningful statements about the diverse literatures upon which they have been imposed. 

For more on this follow the link to my Savage Journal article.

Interview: Leo Wyndham of Palace 

This week I interviewed Leo Wyndham, the frontman for the London alt blues band Palace, talking poetry, touring life and music that hits you in the gut.

It made me realise how inspiring it is to connect with people who are realising their dreams. Light propels light. One persons creativity unfurling loosens the tongue and mind of another. Take in the talent you see around you. Allow it to turn your sights to the things that you wish for and never forget to tap into the resources you have for constant inspiration, in my case here: music. 

To read my interview  follow this link to the London Student site: